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France-USA has many members, individuals as well as families, who sincerely enjoy maintaining contact with Americans, either because they have lived or studied or worked in the United States or because they simply appreciate the rich diversity and openness of American people.

What We Do
We organize special events from time to time, such as the recent dinner in honor of the New York City firemen who visited Lyon in March 2002 and the election night discussions and debates of November 2000. We also organize regular activities, such as French-American dinners in local restaurants and we keep you informed about cultural events, and we organize monthly French-English conversation groups.

Every year we plan our annual Thanksgiving dinner in November and a Super Bowl party in January.

Join France USA!

Vous êtes Lyonnais, vous souhaitez rencontrer des étudiants américains.

Vous êtes étudiant français, vous voulez « échanger » avec des étudiants américains.

Vous êtes une famille lyonnaise et rencontrer des américains à lyon.

Vous voulez améliorer votre anglais

France USA IS 4 U!

Depuis 25, ans l’association rapproche nos deux cultures entre Rhône et Saône

Adhérez à France USA